Monday, November 16, 2015

So what?

So what are we working on this November?

 So far this month, we've been absolutely swamped with orders. Which has been wonderful! People buying presents for this years winter holidays, wanting personalized and customized products to be that perfect gift for that person they care about. And it's been wonderful working each order.

But that doesn't mean we aren't still making progress! We have at least 25 jewelry products that are yet to be made available for sale, that will be making their way to being available very soon. We have multiple new design ideas for gaming storage upgrades that we're ironing out the plans for. We even have new Deck Box designs on the horizon that should be available VERY soon.

We're even looking at further expanding the reach of what products we sell, to: Art prints and scrap-booking stamps.

This month will also begin us being far more active on each social media platform, so stay tuned for awesome posts! That includes more regular posts to this blog, so there should be some really fun things being posted soon.