Wednesday, January 25, 2017

With the New Year, Comes New Changes

Not quite on the New Year, but we've decided to re-brand to a name that better reflects the products and services we offer.
"Geek & Gaming"

'Lacer's Edge' as the store's name has always had a mixed feeling to me. On one hand, it included one of our last names in the company, but on the otherhand the name went over most people's heads. And honestly, I can't blame them one tiny bit.

The name was meant to be a play on "Laser's Edge", toying with our name in place of laser, but this just caused confusion when speaking the name aloud. While easily bypassed, and not an awful thing, the larger problem was that the name didn't speak to our actual product line. Nothing about Lacer's Edge said that we focused on tabletop gaming products as our primary product.

So instead, now, we've switched over to "Geek & Gaming", a name that not only represents our target audience, the products we make, but is easy to understand and memorable. It also lent really well to the incorporation of our logo, the Ampersand Phoenix, which holds significance to us in our lives, which gives it our personal touch.

The Ampersand Phoenix is designed and copyrighted by me, and I'm proud to call it our new logo.

Along with the new year, there is a large assortment of new tabletop products being designed and planned for release, so stay tuned for them!