Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Deck Boxes

I'm a big fan of card games, especially Magic the Gathering... into which I have sunk hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours. In my youth I even played with Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Digimon.

I still play Magic the Gathering, and have always wanted fancy deck boxes. Well I'm about to make my own dream come true! I'm designing a set of MTG themed boxes, as well as misc themes for deck-sized boxes.

One style in particular features the various manas from MTG. The front of the box has a panel behind the top layer of wood, painted with the color of mana, with a circle on the top layer engraved with the mana symbol.

 A preview of our WIP, picturing the black engraving on the wood, and the panel behind that painted in white.

I plan on making a deck box version of our previous designs (Hobbit, da Vinci, and Steampunk) incorporated into this box type. Because I'd LOVE to have a da Vinci style deck box for my blue/artifact proliferate deck.... it somehow seems fitting.

I may have a version which instead of painted wood, has colored acrylic.

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