Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What are our plans?

If you've read our previous blog post, you know we're currently working on designing intricately made laser engraved boxes. We also have other plans currently in the works beyond that though! I'd like use this post to take a minute and explain what all our plans are for our in-the-works products--which will focus on customization! Everyone will be able to find something that suits them, when absolutely everything may be customized.

This post will broken down in to 2 parts, so feel free to skip to any part you are interested in.
  • In-the-works - What we're currently working on.
  • Customization - All about the customization for our products that we're going to be offering with our new line of product

As already stated, we're currently working on producing various box designs:
A sliding top lid structure featuring a Hobbit engraving around the box.
A simple, rectangular flat-lid box with da Vinci's sketches and writing etched into the sides and lid.
An intricate box featuring recessed panels that are engraved, with steampunk designs. A few pictures of this design can be seen in this post.

We plan to have them available for sale by the end of next week! Before they're posted, we'll be updating this blog with more information and especially pictures of the finished products. We'll also be posting in-progress pictures, to give you an insight into how we go about designing our creations.

We're also working on lightboxes. These laser cut boxes are cubes with silhouetted designs cut out from the surface. Behind the wood sides a frosted clear glass is placed against the wood. Within the structure a light is placed, which will hit the frosted glass and diffuse the light, making the light cast evenly through the silhouetted designs of the wood. It is, in essence, an artfully crafted desk/table light.

Our first design for this is crow themed. Silhouettes of crows are displayed cut into the wood. One panel has a crow's feather, while others show various crows in different scenes. One such scene has three crows taking off from a tangle of tree branches.

Another project we're working on is laser engraved wall art, and painted engraved wall art. Laser engraved wood has an interesting interaction with thin layers of paint. It combines the hard, dark lines of laser engraving with the soft, subtle colors of watercolors. It makes for a very unique aesthetic, and reminds me of an old-time photo or sketch.

We plan for everything to be customizable.

What that actually means:
All of our boxes we're designing are made so that the structure is independent from the designs we etched into it. This means that anyone can choose any box structure they like, and say "I really like this box structure, but I really want this other boxes etched designs on it."

That being said, it's not as simple as copy-and-pasting one boxes images onto another. A lot of consideration goes into the arrangement and proportions for a particular box/image combination, to make it look right. Especially if proportions are completely different from one box to another it takes a lot of manipulation to prepare it successfully with another boxes structure that it wasn't originally designed for. That isn't even including boxes who have completely different designs such as extra parts or less parts.

However keep in mind that this isn't being written to deter anyone from getting a customized piece--we're always happy to go the extra mile to satisfy what you want! We just want to give you the full disclosure of our processes and what really goes into our products and their creation.

Beyond that, we will also offer simple alterations--such as adding your name to the product!

Finally, we'll also offer complete customization--which can come in two flavors:
You choose the box type you want, of the ones we have available. You give us the images you want to apply to the box, maybe even replacing certain parts of a box design we already have available (Maybe you want an lightbulb on your steampunk box lid, rather than an air balloon).

The other flavor is, choose a box structure design you want, and then you tell us the type of design you want! Tell us the style, maybe giving us some examples, and we'll design it from scratch for you! Maybe you want a celtic designed box (Which is actually in the works, but I digress)? We'll design it and create it for you.

That's all fine and dandy, but that was only covering boxes. Essentially, the same will apply to other products too, especially our lightboxes. When we have the products listed in our store, we'll have the option available for different variables of customization.

As always, these products will be available at in our Esty store not long from now!
Want to know when they're available? Be sure to follow this blog and like our Facebook page, both of which will announce them for sale immediately after they're made available.
Finally, you can get in touch with us directly at LacersEdge@stargladecrafts.com
We love hearing from you, and any suggestions you may have!

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